7-Day Due Diligence

Tick the five key "Belief Boxes" and satisfy yourself that Lyconet offers you an awesome opportunity to achieve your financial goals. You can complete the due diligence in a day if you make serious effort!

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30-Day Window.

Use the "30-Day Window of Opportunity" to put your game-plan to the test. And prove to yourself that you are willing and able to do the work required to achieve your Career Level goals.

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90-Day Fast Start

With full confidence in the opportunity Lyconet offers you and confidence in your abiity to do the work, put your foot to the accelerator and go all in to achieve and pass your first milestones.

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Before we Begin.

Before we start the three-step process, let's talk about what you want to achieve and why it is important to you?

Knowing what you demand from your Lyconet business will make it easier for you to meet the demands your Lyconet business makes on you as it converts your input into results;

The better your input, the better the results your business will deliver.

If you are willing to put in the effort, you can literally accomplish any financial goal with the Lyconet Compensation Plan.

What do you want to achieve?

What income do you want to achieve?

Before you sprout wild six-figure numbers off the top of your head, let's get real. Let's have a look at three 'milestone numbers' between financial security, through financial independence and ultimately financial freedom.

1. What is your Survival Income Goal?

What is the minimum income you need to survive without going into debt? There are big advantages to keeping this number as low as possible, a "beans and rice" budget. How will you feel when the hourly income from your part-time business equals the hourly income from your full-time job? That's like giving yourself a 25% raise without having to ask the boss! Would you be willing to treat your own business with more respect and dedication than you treat your job? Yes? You just got a taste of financial independence! Let's achieve that number as quickly as possible.

2. What is your Lifestyle Income Goal? 

What income would enable you to live a comfortable lifestyle, free of debt and worry? Once again, try to keep this number as reasonable as possible; your subconscious mind will support a goal you sincerely believe is achievable. How will you feel when you earn the same income from your part-time business as you earn from your full-time job? Would you start dreaming of firing your boss?  Remember, it is just a milestone; when you pass one milestone, you aim for the next one, your Success Goal.

3. What is your Success Goal? 

What income represents fantastic success to you? How will you feel when you fire your boss? Your Success Goal will actually be the first of many Success Goals; as you achieve each Success Goal, you simply set the next one.

There you have it, three clear milestones to achieve in the first phase of your Lyconet career.

What will achieving these goal mean to you?

What tangible difference will achieving these milestones make in your life?

  • How will you feel if you know that you are no longer sliding into debt?
  • How will you feel when you are completely debt free?
  • How will you feel when you are financially independent?
  • How will it feel when you are living in complete financial abundance?

Focus on your next milestone, your Next Step, and tap into the power of the feelings achievement will ignite. Focus on that.

What Career Goals must you achieve?

Now that you have set your first three income goals, it is time to match your income goals to the Lyconet Career Levels.

For example, if you want to achieve a Survival Income of R20,000 (about €1,200) per month, you need to achieve Career Level 4 which ensures that, every month you achieve the CL4 requirements, you earn a Career Bonus of R18,000. Add the Marketing Bonus and Career Commission and you could comfortably earn R20,000 per month.

Download the Lyconet Compensation Plan and set your Career Level income goals now;

  • What Career Level must you reach to achieve your Survival Goal?
  • What Career Level must you reach to achieve your Lifestyle Goal?
  • What Career Level must you reach to achieve your Success Goal?

Now you have a clear target to aim for. What is your Next Step?

All that stands between 'here' and your next goal is TIME and SKILL. The higher your SKILL, the shorter the TIME.

When do you want to achieve your goals?

Now that you know exactly what you want to achieve, it's time to set realistic timeline for their achievement.

Next to each goal, write down the date by which you want to achieve it in Lyconet.

  • Survival Goal.
  • Lifestyle Goal
  • Success Goal

What is your next milestone and when do you want to achieve it? Write it down.

Now focus 100% of your time and attention on that one goal. You can only achieve the higher milestones after you pass the one in front of you.

FOCUS, Follow One Course Until Success.