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A new approach to prospecting?

When I am coaching clients who are involved in selling or direct marketing, I always make the following recommendation;

Leave your prospect with something of value so that everyone, even the people who say "No!", get something of value from the meeting.

What better value than to give someone a tool that will help them to dream about a better future or to think more deeply about their financial security. That's real value!

What's more, by giving a wider context to your offer, those who do enrol with you are more likely to be better qualified to make a good start. Isn't that what you want too?

I love selling and I love it because I love helping people to gain new and empowering information. After all, "applied knowledge is power".

That's what I hope this "Five Things" Bundle will do for you; empower you!

My copyright, your right to copy!

As the purchaser of the "Five Things" bundle, I give you the right to make, or share, as many copies of the video recording and workbook as you wish provided that;

  • You do not alter this video or workbook text in any way.
  • You do not sell copies of this video or workbook.

Good luck!


When you purchase the Five Things Webinar bundle you will receive a link to download;

  • The recording of the free webinar (mp4).
  • The Five Things Workbook (pdf)

PLUS you, the purchaser, will have the right to make as many copies as you want provided;

  • You do not make any changes to this video or workbook.
  • You do not sell this video or workbook.

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