How my small business website got onto the first page of a Google search.

I was gobsmacked when my small business WEBSITE appeared on the first page of a Google search!


I am talking about a really cheap, small-business WEBSITE, not a multi-million dollar enterprise!

What’s more, the actual URL as in "https://mydomain" appears on the first page of a Google search, not a business listing on a hotshot directory like LinkedIn.

My small business website on the front page of Google without me spending a cent on SEO!

It blew me away.

What’s more, my business name is in a highly competitive space; I mean it even has to compete with titles of articles in well-known publications from Inc. Entrepreneur, Forbes and CNN.

I could never dream of achieving such a result on my own, especially because …

  • I am clueless about SEO.
  • I have no desire to learn SEO
  • I have more important stuff to do with my time.

So I though my only option was to …

  • hire an SEO expert,
  • pay them a fortune to supercharge my website,
  • and then wait months and months before my business WEBSITE shows up on the front page of Google … if it ever did!

But I was very sceptical that the kind of SEO expert I could afford would be able to work the magic I thought was needed. After all, I own a small business and my business name has to compete against giants in a highly competitive space.


Often, it’s not what you know but who you know, that gets you places.

And that’s how it happened for me.

An introduction into a high-quality relationship is all it took to get my small business WEBSITE onto the first page of Google.

Today, my small business walks hand-in-hand with a global giant that makes sure my small business has the best chance of success … and I haven’t spent a cent on SEO, ever.


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