How it works.

Since my core mantra is “Teach – Inspire – Empower”, I designed a coaching/consulting model that I call “Triangles of Power” (TOP) which, in a business context, usually seeks to harness the three capital resources Knowledge, Expertise and Money (intellectual, human and financial).

An engagement with me usually starts with an Exploratory Session, during which we discuss your aspirations and identify potential opportunities. The result is a "TOP Possibility Report".

Two paths follow the Exploratory Session.

You have learned enough during the Exploratory Session to be able to refer you to people I believe are best suited to your needs; that in itself can save you an awful lot of time. Furthermore, the sort of short, focused conversation of an Exploratory Session can often lead to the breakthrough you need; if you have the knowledge, skill and ability to implement, an Exploratory Session may be all the help you need to get unstuck.

Yes: We move onto a high-energy consulting session, a Strategy Session, where we work together to develop a breakthrough strategy for your business and a 90-day plan to implement it.

Two paths lead from the Strategy Session.

Which path being determined by (1) your confidence to independently implement the strategy and (2) how inspired I am by your mojo; I cannot deliver my best if I am not inspired by what you do (and I never aim to deliver less than my best).

  • No. I refer you to people and resources I believe are best suited to your needs.
  • Yes. We begin a 90-day Project which involves weekly coaching sessions with me and support from a TOP Team comprised of the two key resources most suited to your Project goal. I coach, the TOP Team consults, you implement.

Talk to me if you think this model could suit your needs.

And don't forget to download my free report, "Why 88% of companies that have "this tool", are more profitable than their competitors!". It's on my HOME PAGE.

Guaranteed Results

Pre-covid I guaranteed a "measurable benefit at least 2x my fee within 90 days of a 90-Day Project". That is equivalent to an 8x return over twelve months.

However, the pandemic introduced too many uncontrollable risks that I decided to replace the guarantee with a promise to walk with my client until the desired outcome has been achieved. As with my guarantee, reasonable "use or lose it" T&C's apply.