Is your website leaking sales?

Simple mistakes could be costing you a fortune in lost sales!

I like to ask my clients, "Does your website strut or sell? "

You see, there are websites that strut but don't sell; they look great but you need to be a rocket scientist to find what you want.

And then you get websites that can't strut to save their life ... BUT they do sell.

Which one, do you think, catches the sale?

That's the problem with ignorant graphic designers. Strutting strokes the ego but only selling creates the turnover.

And here's why;

  • 94% of new visitors leave a website within two minutes.
  • 83% leave if there are too many clicks.
  • 58%¬†leave and never return if it's too complicated.

If your website doesn't suck in sales like a whirlpool, it sucks! 

And lastly, before you go fishing, make sure your nets are ready to catch!

  • Choose the right nets for the fish you want to catch.
  • And make sure there are no holes for fish to escape.

Your website is your net.

Is it ready to catch the sales you want?

Think of it like this, "What is the value of a 'lost click' to your business?"

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