The 2x guarantee is back!

I am a results-driven person and, as such, have always guaranteed "a measurable benefit at least 2x my fee within 90 days of a Strategy Session or 90-day Project".

However, when the lockdowns introduced too many uncertainties I decided to revert to my 2019 fees and change my guarantee to "walk with a client until the 2x result was achieved".  That seemed like a fair response to the challenges we were all facing as small business owners.

Eighteen months later, the world is coming to terms with a very different 'new normal' and in most countries, the threat of excessive lockdown regulations is slowly receding.

While things are still very unsettled, I feel confident enough to return the 2x guarantee and adjust my fees accordingly.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of my Q3 2021 fee structure.

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