Three reasons why I offer a guarantee.

I offer a guarantee to reduce the risk to my client.

1. My guarantee assures clients that I will always prioritise their objectives over my fees; quite simply, I forfeit my fee if I don't prioritise the value my clients receive. Who wants to do that!

2. My guarantee helps clients to bridge the faith-gap and move forward with a Strategy Session or 90-day Project; each step of the process reinforcing the client's faith as results begin to flow.

3. My guarantee ensures that I choose clients wisely; coaches and consultants measure their success by the level of success they help their clients to achieve. We celebrate our client's successes!

In almost ten years of consulting, two clients have forfeited the guarantee while one client received a part-refund when a ‘concerned’ relative undermined their confidence and convinced them to close down the business a few weeks into the project; having witnessed many turnarounds, I still believe that decision was a sad mistake.

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