Millions of people have been plunged into poverty by the pandemic. Hemmed in by unemployment, poverty, hunger and hopelessness, the future looks exceedingly dark for many.

BUT THERE IS HOPE! While donating food parcels is very generous in a time of crisis, they won't keep flowing forever. A more sustainable solution for greater work and food security is needed.

Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day.
Teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.


Advancing Work and Food Security.

Teach someone to farm and they can feed a community for a lifetime.

That's right! One productive Subsistence Farmer can supply fresh food to about 20 households. And, with a little careful planning, one productive farmer can ignite a whole cottage industry among the 20 households.

Poverty is a lack of money, not a lack of ability or demand.


Sustainable Food Production

OUR MISSION is to teach, inspire and empower new generations of farmers; from small-scale Subsistence Farming to large-scale Commercial Farming, and everything in between.

We offer a meritocratic development program divided into three stages;

  1. ACQUIRE trains and equips rural and urban subsistence farmers.
  2. APPRENTICE offers a two-year apprenticeship on a cooperative farm.
  3. ADVANCE empowers entrepreneurs to become commercial farmers.

Cream Rises to the Top!



Support a new farmer by donating any amount to our Back-A-Buddy crowdfunding campaign. You will be able to follow the farmers' progress on our private Donors Facebook group.


Invest in the TOP Farmer Development Program. Visit our profile on VC4A and check out our pitch deck.  Acquire equity in a growing number of commercial farming ventures.



It costs R7,500 to train and equip a new Subsistence Farmer to a point where they are able to earn at least R5,000 p.m. Sponsor a farmer and you will be able to follow their progress.