What’s wrong with this guest house website?

This business has a 4* rating on Google Reviews so it’s probably a very nice place to stay in Johannesburg. It’s also conveniently located for the University of Johannesburg and SABC in Auckland Park.

This mini review aims to highlight a couple of silly mistakes that could be costing this business valuable bookings.

Silly mistakes can cost a fortune.

Mistake 1.  It pretends to be mobile-friendly but isn’t. When viewed on mobile the page doesn’t resize correctly (see image) and on one device, the “Don’t travel now!” message appears at the top of the page; not a great way to start a conversation, is it?

Mistake 2. If you click on the Trip Advisor logo, you leave the website (probably never to return). See my article about online travel agents titled “Are you the Customer or the Cookie?”

How much could these errors be costing this business?

First calculate the potential cost of a lost click.

  • Average room rate R 1,090
  • Average booking R 2,180 (2 nights)

If the business loses two bookings per week they miss out on an extra R226,720 per year!

  • Per week: R4,360
  • Per month: R17,440
  • Per year: R226,720 (52 weeks)

What difference could an extra R226,720 per year make to this business’ bottom line and the owner’s quality of life?

How would you like an extra R200k per year?

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A fancy graphic designer may stroke your ego but they could cost you a fortune in lost sales

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